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Autumn 2017 :- President’s Report, CARNEVALE ITALIANO 2017, Museum upgrade – update, What’s new at New Italy.
Summer 2016 :- President’s Report, Museum Upgrade, Xmas shopping in the Gift Shop, Mystery Object, New Project – WW2 display in the Pavilion.
Spring 2016 :- President’s Report, Museum Upgrade , Lismore’s Friendship Festival, What’s New at New Italy.
Winter 2016 :- President’s Report, Carnevale Italiano 2016 Wrapped Up ,Friendship Festival -Lismore- 26 June, Whats New at New Italy.
Autumn 2016   President’s Report, Carnevale ITALIANO 2016, Our Supporting Partners, Whats Happening at New Italy.
Summer 2015 President’s Report, New Italy’s ANZACS Memorial Unveiling, A word from our Major Sponsors, Whats New at New Italy.
Spring 2015 President’s Report, New Italy’s ANZACS, Become a Volunteer, Thanks to our Major Sponsors, Whats New at New Italy.
Winter 2015   President’s Report, Carnevale Italiano 2015 wrap-up, The Italo-Australian Club Lismore, Whats new at New Italy.
Autumn 2015 showcasing our Carnevale Italiano 2015 with the program of events and timetable.
Summer 2014    showcasing our Casa Vecchia Gift Shop.
Spring 2014   remembering our New Italy Anzacs.
May 2014    featuring the spectacular Carnevale Italiano 2014.
March 2014    reporting on Changes in the Pavilion.
April 2012    the 2012 Anniversary Day Special Edition.
July2012   the Leonardo da Vinci car.