New Italy Museum Complex

* New Italy Museum  displaying extensive memorabilia of the original families who came to farm here from 1882,

* Italian Pavilion showcasing the broader history of Italian migration to Australia and our Northern Rivers region.

* Community Function Hall which accommodates up to 300 people, and is available for meetings, weddings, family reunions, receptions etc.

* Casa Vecchia Gift Shop Italy is renowned for great design and style. This shop is stocked with a range of products with both these qualities.

* Tastes of New Italy Caffe We often hear it said that the Caffe has the best coffee on the Highway.

* Glass Art Gallery and Workshop Ian O’Driscoll’s work has been praised for its technical precision, use of colour, and artistic versatility.

* Piazza Recently renovated with a stage and large shade cloth. It comes alive at Carnevale.

* Loggia The Shaded area has power and is a great venue for outdoor functions.

Take a Stroll in the grounds to see the The Monument to the Pioneers, Antonioni’s Well, The Sculptures, and The Park of Peace or to use our Public Amenities.