Antoniolli’s Well

An original circular stone lined well, similar to those identified elsewhere in the boundaries of the New Italy settlement, stands behind the monument to the pioneers. The post and rail fence that separates the monument and the well from the newer complex buildings is made of original fencing materials from the settlement, although they have been relocated.

Antoniolli’s well situated behind the   monument to the pioneers


Through a conservation management plan developed in 2002, numerous stone lined and timber lined wells were identified within the boundaries of the New Italy settlement. In the 19th century the use of locally derived stone to line the wells was the least common method of well construction in NSW. Moreover timber lined wells and storage tanks, whilst common throughout NSW in the late 19th century have infrequently survived into the late 20th century. Thus the wells of New Italy have particular archeological significance beyond their value to the conservation of the New Italy settlement.

Bazzo Well
The Bazzo well. One of many wells found on the New Italy site

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